What is CART?

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) converts the spoken word into instant text. This service is generally for hard of hearing persons, not familiar with American Sign Language (ASL), that need to translate spoken words into printed English in a realtime format.

CART Captioners work in classrooms, at performances, for seminars or corporate presentations. The realtime text can be shown on numerous state-of-the-art display devices, including: laptop screen, television screen, LCD projection screen, or LED message display signs. Some people have even transmitted realtime feeds to the newest technologies, including Google Glasses. These display options offer the ultimate in flexibility, from a laptop for a single student to a large LED display sign for thousands at a live performance.

Some service providers also have the capability to provide services from an off-site location. These CART Captioners typically work from home and receive their audio feed from numerous VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) resources and telephone lines. CART Captioning offers flexibility and excitement.   

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Captioning Committee

Priscilla Gwaltney, CSR, RPR
Mark Pryor Crossley, RID/CSC&SC: Legal, NAD-V,CCRA/CCG Certified ASL Court Interpreter and Certified CART Captioner Certified Bilingual (Spanish/English), California State Personnel Board
Lidia Perez, Captioner
Valerie Lobato, Committee Captioner
Felicia Price


Captioning Clients