Certified CART Generalist (CCG) Examination Grading Guidelines

  1. Automatic failure will occur if any line numbering (pleading numbers) or text boxes of any kind, including a border box, are visible on the submitted examination.
  2. 10-error penalty for each deviation of the Formatting Requirement Guidelines document: Font, Point Size, Line Spacing, Margins, Paragraphing, Identifiers.
  3. 10-error penalty for not having the correct background color (must be white) or font color (must be black). No other colors should appear on the submitted examination (such as a separate color for untranslates or homonyms).
  4. 1-error penalty: dropped or missed parentheticals.
  5. 1-error penalty: any incorrectly spelled word or proper name.
  6. 1-error penalty: any untranslate.
  7. 1-error penalty: any omitted apostrophe.
  8. 1-error penalty: any contraction written as two words.
  9. 1-error penalty: any two words written as a contraction.
  10. 1-error penalty: any conflict.
  11. 1-error penalty: any acronyms that contain spaces or hyphens.
  12. 1-error penalty: any transposition of words.
  13. 1-error penalty: any compound word errors.
  14. 1-error penalty: two words written as a compound word.
  15. 1-error penalty: each omitted word.
  16. 1-error penalty: transposition of numbers or numbers incorrectly written (digits when it is to be words or words when it is to be digits).
  17. 1-error penalty: incorrect homonym.
  18. 1-error penalty: any word displayed phonetically with a bracket.