Volunteer Opportunities

Your Association Needs You!  We need volunteers to work on our committees.  In order for CCRA to function optimally we have a variety of committees, but they cannot continue without your help.

Please consider getting involved.  These are trying times in our careers.  We want court reporters to survive in good times and bad.  Unfortunately, we are going through very difficult times in the state of California.  Electronic recording machines are being installed in courtrooms, reporters are being laid off and court reporting schools are closing their doors.

CCRA wants to continue to fight the fight, but we need your help.  Please read through the list of committees below and submit a CCRA Volunteer Form to offer your help.

If you are unable to donate time to serve on a committee right now consider making a monetary donation to fund our ability to preserve the court reporting profession.

Available Committees:
    •    Bylaws
    •    Continuing Education
    •    Depo Advisory
    •    History
    •    Judicial Procedures
    •    Legislation
    •    Membership
    •    NCRA Testing
    •    PACCRA
    •    Public Relations
    •    Students
    •    Technology