Test Tips

Created by Bonnie Chufar-Comstock, CSR/Instructor; Lorri Doll, CSR/Instructor
Argonaut Court Reporting

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Read the entire question, all of the answers, and then select the most correct answer. 

When answering each question always keep in mind the responsibilities of a court reporter:

  • protecting the record
  • being fair and impartial
  • creating an accurate, verbatim transcript
  • maintaining the integrity of the record

Do not “expand” on the question and think of exceptions.  Stay focused on just the question as it is worded and do not think of different scenarios. 

There may be something somewhere else in the test which helps you.

On the Written Knowledge test you will have the opportunity to add comments to explain why you answered the question the way you did.

Specific Tips for the WKT and English Tests

  • On the computerized tests you can flag the questions which you are not sure about.  Go ahead and answer the question with your best guesstimate just in case you run out of time.
  • The computer will let you know how many questions you left unanswered or flagged and you can easily navigate to those questions.
  • You will not “accidentally” end your test.  The computer will have obvious prompts asking you if you are done before it will let you log off.


For students, new court reporters, and experienced court reporters: 

  • Code study material from your school
  • Association membership and websites
  • Court Reporters Board of California
  • Mentors