OCTOBER 10-11, 2020

This year’s CCRA Convention has gone VIRTUAL!
Up to 1.3 CEUs will be offered in this two-day dynamic event!
Don’t miss our first-ever virtual convention!
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CCRA is excited to work with Stenograph to bring to you two virtual training opportunities!
Stenograph has donated the instructors time, which has allowed CCRA to keep the registration fee low for this high-value training opportunity!

.45 CEUs will be available

October 24, 2020 | 9:00 - 11:30 AM
9:00 – 9:30 AM
Using Tables
The Using Tables portion of the training is optional, but recommended for those who may not have a clear understanding of how to use tables or need a refresher. The first 30 minutes will help you get the most out of the CATalyst Autoindexing Training. You will learn how to insert tables, adjust size, and modify cell, column, and row properties to create the proper column width, alignment, text-wrapping, and other features required when building an Index Template.
9:30 – 11:30 AM
CATalyst Autoindexing Training
Learn the concepts involved with building an index in CATalyst using indexing format symbols to signify which text must be included in and referenced by page (and/or line) number in an index; index categories; using hidden text to create index references not in the transcript text; creating an index template; using a variety of tools to customize the appearance of the index when built, including sorting and specifying case; setting Index Template Options and Build Master Index (for creating indexes across multiple transcripts).
This class will include 90 minutes of instruction followed by 30 minutes for Q & A.
Presenter: Cindi Lynch
$95 member / $135 non-member

CCRA CATalyst BCS Training
October 24, 2020 | 12:30 - 2:30 PM
12:30 – 2:30 pm
CCRA CATalyst BCS Training
Stenograph’s CATalyst BCS software is optimized for the highly visible work of realtime captioners and subtitlers, but what do you need to know to use this software?
In this seminar we will discuss preparing your system for your first captioning session. You’ll learn what a profile is and how to set one up. An overview of connection methods to send out your text will be covered, and we’ll review the BCS captioning windows. We will also look at some of the dictionary commands specific to captioning. Finally, you will learn how to save the file for future use.
Presenter: Pam Szczecinski
$95 member / $135 non-member

September 2020 CCRA President's Message

Dear CCRA Members,

As always, I hope this message finds you well.  This will be my last message as your CCRA President, as I will pass the gavel of the presidency over to our very capable nominee at our first-ever virtual convention in just a few short weeks. I will remain on the Board of Directors as your Immediate Past President, and we are already gearing up for the 2020-2021 board year.  Although my title will change, I’ll still be here working to preserve and improve this profession of ours. 

2020 has brought hard challenges for all of us.  If someone would have told me that AB 5 will practically consume our entire board year, a global pandemic called COVID will nearly shut down the world, and wild fires (once again) will ravage our state — yes, all in one year — I would have laughed out loud at the thought of such a far-fetched trifecta of events.  Well, I’m not laughing now.  These were serious issues, among others, that we have had to deal with on a personal, professional, and board member level.  As professionals, I know we have all risen to the occasion, and I hope we have overcome.  Personally, no doubt some of these issues have impacted your life.  I sincerely hope 2021 brings healing in whatever form you need.  Although it was challenging, it's been a great honor serving as President this past year, and I am grateful for all CCRA has accomplished. 

Our virtual convention is just around the corner, and I hope all of you will join us.  This is CCRA’s 110th Annual Convention, and our theme this year is Celebrating Steno.  Register now for October 10th and 11th, because you won’t want to miss our lineup of amazing classes full of professional and educational content.  We have social events planned each evening after the seminars to keep the party going and help us feel connected even in this time of social distancing. 

During the convention, CCRA’s lobbyist, Ignacio Hernandez, will of course give his annual legislative report; however, here’s a brief update on what happened at the capitol in what turned out to be an abbreviated legislative year.

SB 1146 (Umberg):  Sponsored by the Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC), this bill started as the bill that would legitimize the infamous SoCal Stip.  CCRA immediately began discussions with Senator Umberg and CAOC leadership, and the bill was quickly amended to abandon the SoCal Stip issue and instead sought to address civil procedures regarding electronic filing, trial delays, and remote depositions.  CCRA opposed the original SoCal Stip language and opposed unless amended the updated language for remote depositions. 

With remote depositions being the only remaining relevant issue to California CSRs, CCRA fought tirelessly for language that would protect California Certified Shorthand Reporters.  We were the only association suggesting and fighting for changes to the bill’s language that would not allow the outsourcing of California’s deposition work to reporters in other states.  The language of Section 3 in  CCP Section 2025.310 was amended as a direct result of the urging of CCRA.  We are thankful to Senator Umberg for accepting our changes to the language.

AB 2257 (Gonzalez):  Also known as the “AB 5 issue,” AB 2257 certainly was a work in progress.  CCRA had always felt that a blanket “carveout” for court reporters would not be possible, so we worked steadfastly with Assemblymember Gonzalez’ office to educate the legislature about the nuanced labor relationships between freelance court reporters and their firms and captioners and their firms.

We consider AB 2257 a success for court reporters and captioners.  Now, with slight business model modifications, firms can qualify to be tested under the Borello test if challenged by a court or the EDD.  The bill now specifies that captioners qualify under the referral agency section.  Deposition reporters or court reporters are not specifically listed, but are covered by the referral agency section since it applies across industries. 

For further legislative details, please attend our virtual convention and hear directly from our lobbyist.  It’s always fascinating to hear what really goes on at our state capitol.  This year was a challenge, but CCRA and our lobbyist definitely had protecting our members and profession at the forefront. 

From those new to this career, to those who have enjoyed a long, prosperous career, to everyone in between enjoying the amazing benefits that being a stenographer can offer, I ask you:  Don’t you love this career?  Hasn’t this career been a blessing to you and your families?  Now ask yourself:  Where would this career be without CCRA? 

Without a doubt, for 110 years, CCRA is the association that lobbies for the betterment of our profession and makes a difference at the state capitol.  But it takes you, our members, to make this happen by your membership and donations to CCRA.  Without you, our successes and the legal protections we have secured for this profession would not be possible.  While some have questioned the necessity of becoming a member of and supporting your national, state, and local associations, CCRA cannot stress enough the importance of doing so. 

For the 2020-2021 board year, as we come out of these trying times, I encourage you all to lean in, step up, become members of CCRA, and come see for yourselves what CCRA does for you.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  

Thank you,

Sandy M. Walden, President
California Court Reporters Association

CCRA S Corp Filing Resource Exclusively for Members

As advised by CCRA’s employment attorney during our AB 5/Labor Code webinars, there is an advantage to court reporters establishing an S Corp in order to maintain your independent contractor status. CCRA is excited to unveil an exclusive members-only benefit providing easy options to become an S Corp.  We have partnered with attorney Daniel L. Olsen to create a process that will make your transition to an S Corporation seamless!  

Members-Only Pricing

  • $499 Do-it-Yourself Packet
  • $1,750 Full-service S Corp filing by Daniel L. Olsen (Regularly $2,500)
  • Need extra advice? – Members receive a reduced fee to consult with attorney Daniel L. Olsen for the special member rate of $225 per hour (Regularly $350 per hour)

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About Daniel L. Olsen

Focusing on strong communication skills, proven legal strategies and good old fashion hard work has established Attorney Daniel Olsen as one of the best lawyers in Northern California. This strong work ethic has resulted in Dan being named multiple times to Sacramento Magazine’s Top Attorneys list.

Born in Concord, California, Dan is a lifelong Northern Californian who has called Sacramento home for the last two decades. His hard work and dedication to education has allowed Dan to proudly say he is an alumnus from three top academic institutes in California, University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law, UC Davis, and De LaSalle High School in Concord.

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CCRA is pleased to announce the launch of our educational series regarding Dynamex/AB5/Labor Code Section 2750.3

As part of our member education component to tackle AB5 and its related Labor Code issues, the CCRA Board of Directors has engaged attorney Karen Tynan to lead our members through a comprehensive educational series that will leave you fully informed about the new Labor Code. (Click here for Karen Tynan's bio.)

The first piece is a two-part podcast explaining AB5 and the nuances of the new California Labor Code which implements the ABC test for employers and employees. Part 1 is a broad overview of AB5 and the ABC test. Part 2 is a more in-depth analysis of the application of the ABC test to the many types of work that CCRA members perform in California. Karen does an excellent job of outlining AB5, what it means for California stenographers, and the areas of our work we may need to examine and adjust to be compliant with the new law.

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We hope you enjoy the podcasts! Let us know what you think by e-mailing us at: [email protected]. CCRA has created this email address specifically to hear feedback from our members. Let your voice be heard on this very important issue! We will use the feedback to formulate the outline for our in-person member meetings with Karen, one to be held in Northern California and one to be held in Southern California. We will announce the dates of these forums soon!


What's next?  Two webinars by Karen Tynan that dovetail with the podcasts and take a deeper dive into Labor Code Section 2750.3 will be released soon! Join CCRA now so you don't miss a beat!

Have further questions? Karen Tynan has offered a CCRA member discount so you can consult directly with her on your specific Labor Code questions. Karen can be contacted at [email protected].

Thank you,
CCRA’s Board of Directors

Thank You for Donating to the CCRA A to Z Fund!

Dear CCRA Members, I'd like to personally thank everyone who donated to CCRA’s A to Z program during Court Reporting and Captioning Week 2020! Through your generous donations, we have raised $1,400 that will be used exclusively to fund our A to Z programs in California. Your dollars will directly contribute to getting more students into court reporting school and helping them become working stenographers in California, and for that you should be proud! We are incredibly grateful for your support!

Part of my presidential mission is to hold 25 A to Z programs this year, and that's why I set our A to Z fundraising goal at $3,000. Please help us reach this goal. While CCRA has amazing volunteers that teach our programs and awesome sponsors that provide food and locations, real dollars are still needed to print the lesson materials, advertise for the programs, tune up those steno machines, and make sure every program meets CCRA's standard of excellency!

The A to Z program provides a FREE six-week program to teach each participant the steno alphabet, familiarize them with our machine, and showcase exactly what a career in stenography can offer. We ARE making a difference. We ARE increasing steno enrollment statewide. No matter the amount, every dollar helps! Please donate today!


If you cannot donate financially, we'd love to have you join us as a volunteer at our next location! Please e-mail us at: [email protected]

Steno Strong,


Sandy M. Walden, President
California Court Reporters Association