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Join us in Rancho Las Palmas for our 108th Annual Convention!

The California Court Reporters Association invites you to join us in this beautiful desert playground and take part in CCRA’s 108th Annual Convention being held at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa, Columbus Day weekend, October 5-8, 2018.  Click an icon below for more information!

President's Message

We did it! The Legislature has approved $10 million to fund family law court reporters in our state. We await the Governor’s signature.  During my first Presidency back in 2008, CCRA was fighting yet another ER bill that would have allowed electronic recording in family law courts.  It was at that time that CCRA first proposed bill language to the legislature that would require court reporters in family law proceedings.   Since then, essentially over the last ten years, our lobbyists have worked hard to educate the legislature, who now see the value in the “gold standard” of court reporting for the sensitive cases heard in our family law courts.  This is a big win for family law litigants who so desperately need a record, and CCRA is proud to be their champion!  Click here to continue reading.

Call for Nominations! Join the CCRA Board of Directors

Each year, our membership elects new leaders to guide CCRA and the court reporting profession.  We need strong, creative leaders we can rely on to set the direction of our industry.  These leaders require vision, creativity, and the ability to anticipate and adapt to change.  They must be decisive and strong enough to make necessary changes while still retaining the ability to be flexible.
If you ever wanted to be a part of the change, now is your time to act!  Click here for more information.

New Member Benefit for Freelancers:
Find A Reporter! 

CCRA understands that freelancers value their independence and the ability to select the work they feel matches their skillset.

CCRA has worked diligently to create a resource to assist you with a way to connect with prospective clients and job assignments.  We’ve eliminated the stress a consumer or client feels when searching for a qualified CSR at the 11th hour.

CCRA’s "Find a Reporter" directory reflects your professional skills and the kind of work you seek.  Do you provide realtime?  Do you enjoy covering trials in court?  Are you available to cover multiple counties because of your location?  Do you like expedites?  These are all fields a consumer or client can use to determine which reporters best meets their needs.  It's also a great way to market your professional skills and find the work you are looking for!

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Official Court Reporters:
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YesLaw e-filing software is currently being used in many counties throughout our state and is considered to be the gold standard for an electronic transcript by the appellate courts who have been receiving transcripts electronically.  By joining CCRA and utilizing YesLaw at the cost of only $25 a month, you will always be compliant with ALL of the requirements of California Rule of Court 8.144, Form of the Record, and will never have to worry when you upload a transcript whether you are in compliance with the Code.  YesLaw software is fully compatible with all CAT software, so there is no need to purchase new.  So why deliver to your clients the minimum standard when you have the ability to deliver the GOLD!!