California CART Generalist (CCG) Examination Instructions

  • The CCG examination will be a total of 10-minutes. The first 2 minutes will be lead-in, with the last 8 minutes graded.
  • The examination will be given at 180 words per minute.
  • 96% accuracy is required to pass the test (76 errors total, allowed.)
  • Formatting guidelines are to be followed; if not, there will be error deductions for any deviations as detailed in the guidelines.
  • The  CCG examination will be administered as an educational classroom lecture. Identifiers will be used, as detailed on the preview sheet.
  •  If the candidate chooses to submit their test for grading, it will need to be submitted on a flash drive in MS-Word format or as  an RTF file.
  • Candidate’s name and CCRA membership number is to be at the top of the file. Without both the name and membership number, the examination will not be graded.
  •  Line numbers (pleading numbers) or text boxes of any kind, including border boxes, appearing anywhere in the submitted examination will result in an automatic failure, as outlined in the CCG Formatting Requirements Guidelines.
  • Punctuation to be used and considered in grading this CCG Examination will be periods, commas, question marks, and dashes to denote a change of thought.  A colon must be included after each identifier, as shown in the Formatting Requirement Guidelines
  • Pass it once, remain a CCRA member in good standing, and the CRG and CCG are certificates you can proudly claim forever. 
View the CCRA Skills Test Instruction Manual