Principal – Principle

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  1. A (principal, principle) is responsible for the acts of his agent.
  2. The course covers the basic principals, principles) of economics.
  3. Mr. Lee is the man principally, principly) affected by this ruling.
  4. The (principal, principle) and interest amount to $68,500/
  5. We all admire a person of high (principals, principles).
  6. Please take the book to the (Principal’s principle’s) office.
  7. Honesty is a basic (principal, principle) of good character.
  8. The (principal, principle) speaker will be Dr. Henry Gordon.
  9. An (unprincipaled, unprincipled) person cannot be trusted.
  10. Who is the new (principal, principle) of Eastern High School?
  11. What is Mr. Logan’s (principal, principle) business?
  12. All the (principals’, principles’) salaries have been increased
  13. What are the underlying (principals, principles) of good citizenship.
  14. Mr. Solonsky is the (principal, principle) stockholder.
  15. What are the (principal, principle) parts of the verb “see”?
  16. My (principal, principle) objection is the time required.
  17. Do you know the legal principals, principles) involved?
  18. We have offices in the (principal, principle) cities of the country.