Board of Directors


Sandy Walden, CSR, RPR, started her career in court reporting in July of 1999.  She worked as a freelance reporter until she was hired as an official for Contra Costa County Superior Court in October 2007.  This year as CCRA co-chair of the legislation committee, I am looking forward to continue to fight and win a transcript rate increase for our profession.  As the President-Elect, I’m looking forward to connecting with reporters in my district and seeing what positive changes you see CCRA can do for our profession.  Making strides for all court reporters in California is my passion and goal.
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Aimee Skochko, CSR, has been a reporter since 1998.  She attended Sierra Valley College of Court Reporting in Fresno, California.  Upon passing the CSR, Aimee moved to the Central Coast and was hired as an official for San Luis Obispo County Superior Court.  After two years in San Luis Obispo County, Aimee relocated to Orange County, where she was a deposition and hearing reporter for two years.  Aimee became an official once again for Orange County Superior Court in 2005, where she is currently assigned to Orange County's Lamoreaux Justice Center in Orange, California, reporting family law matters.  She is the legislative representative for her local association, Orange County Superior Court Reporters Association, and is active member of their board. As a director of CCRA, Aimee hopes to support all aspects of the court reporting profession. She currently serves as a member of the membership committee and the legislative committee. Aimee found and rescued her dog Remy, whom she adores.  She enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, baking, and gardening.   
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Vice President

Mike Hensley, CSR, RDR is a freelance deposition reporter based in Dublin, California.  Though he is still relatively new to the profession of court reporting, he has hit the ground running to be a part of all that our profession has to offer.  By completing his schooling entirely online, Mike brings a fresh perspective to the concept of integrating technology with court reporting.  His true passion is to encourage others to reach for their highest goals and to accomplish them.  Along with mentoring several student court reporters, he is involved with state and national associations as the current chair of the Deposition Freelance Advisory Committee for CCRA as well as chair for NCRA’s New Professionals Advisory Committee and co-chair of their Educational Content Committee.  Mike strives to bring enthusiasm and professionalism to every task he undertakes, and he hopes to inspire others to do the same.
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Cara Foster, CSR, RPR, started her career in court reporting since passing the CSR in 1999.  She attended College of Marin/Indian Valley Campus in Novato, California.  She began her profession working in the Bay Area and East Bay as a freelancer and filling in as a pro tempore in Contra Costa County Superior Court and Amador County Superior Court.  In 2004, she became an official in San Joaquin County Superior Court where she reported civil matters.  In 2007, she was hired as an official in Sacramento County Superior Court where she reports criminal and civil matters.  While in Sacramento, she served as Secretary and President with SOCRA (Sacramento Official Court Reporters Association).  Cara enjoyed working in the freelance world, currently enjoys working in court, and when she retires looks forward to working internationally.  Cara feels very honored to have this opportunity to be Secretary/Treasurer with CCRA.    
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Immediate Past President

Rachel N. Barkume, CSR, RPR, has been a reporter since passing the CSR in June 2011. She is a freelance reporter in the Sacramento/Auburn area, as well as a Remote CART Captioner and a proofreader.  She was also an official for four and a half years in Madera County.  Rachel has been on the CCRA Board of Directors since 2013, serving as a Director, Secretary/Treasurer, President-Elect, and now President.  She has also been the chair of NCRA’s New Professionals Advisory Committee for three years, working alongside new reporters and veteran reporters around the country to focus on new professionals in our field and to ensure the growth and success of our industry into the future.  Rachel’s goal is to inspire and encourage, to help others find their enthusiasm for this amazing career, and to invest in our community of California reporters as we work together for a brighter future for us all.  Rachel has been married to her husband, Jesse, since 2015, and they have three doggie-children, Autumn, Rocky, and Harley.  She enjoys the outdoors, reading, and relaxing at home.
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Director, District A



District B

Priscilla Gwaltney

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District C

Stella Angeles, CSR was employed by the Fresno Police Department while as a full-time student from 2002- 2009. As a data transcriber with FPD, we utilized the steno machine along with Rapid Text software to produce Officer’s reports used in police work. I graduated from Sierra Valley College of Court Reporting and qualified for the July 2010 California CSR Exam. Passed the CSR Exam in November 2010 and obtained a CSR license to work in California. I proceeded to work in the deposition field from 2011-2012 for a local depo firm and continued to work on writing skills in the Fresno geographical area.  I became a court per-diem reporter in the Fresno and Madera Counties from 2013-2014.  Then obtained full-time Official Court Reporter status for Fresno Superior Court in 2015 and was assigned to numerous courtrooms on a roving basis. In 2016 I was assigned to Dependency Court under Judge Green and remain there to the present time.
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District D

Lauren Biggins
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District E

Tamara Houston, CSR, RPR, CCRR has been a California CSR for 33 years.  She started her career freelancing both in criminal and civil court.  Emerald Deposition Reporters was formed in 1995 by Tamara while she continued improving her skills and professional representation as a CSR within the industry.  After obtaining her CCRR in 2010, Tamara joined Caption Colorado to do national broadcasting from home in her "spare" time while working as a full-time reporter.  However, court reporting was her passion and she dedicated herself to that realm.  Tamara's daughter Kaitlyn passed the CSR in November of 2016 and joined her at Emerald Deposition Reporters. Tamara loves her family life focusing on exotic animal rescue and rehabilitation, as well as attending the rodeos of her youngest daughter Annie, an accomplished breakaway roper.  Tamara is passionate about being involved, learning, listening to new ideas, and sharing the knowledge and experience that has been gained over the years to help the evolution and empowerment of current and future court reporters.  Complacency is not an option - let's get involved and work together!
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Louis Machuca

District F

Louis Machuca has been in the court reporting industry for over 20 years.  Before obtaining his CSR license, Louis was employed by small and corporate court reporting agencies doing scheduling and administrative tasks.  He reported LAPD, LAFD and other types of hearings while awaiting CSR results.  After obtaining his license, he reported depositions until beginning his career with LASC in April of 2001.  He immediately began working in civil courts specializing in providing daily transcripts and real time, and he also provided CART services as needed.  During the 2012 layoffs, Louis reported juvenile and felony proceedings before returning to civil litigation in a long cause family law courtroom at Stanley Mosk Courthouse.  During that same layoff period, he also formed Alliance Courtroom Reporters, Inc. that specifically provided ex-officials with freelance employment at LASC.  The company was happily closed after almost all of reporters were reemployed with the courts. He has worked with Los Angeles Superior Court’s management team previously over the years in assisting with the recruitment and the testing process of court reporters.  
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Director, District G

Regina DeMoville, CSR, CRC, CCG, has been a Captioner for 13 years. She has done on-site CART, remote CART and Broadcast Captioning. She has done captioning in many different venues such as sports
stadiums, universities, and churches as well as remote captioning in different countries such as Canada and France. She is the first designated captioner on the California Court Reporters Association’s Board of Directors. She is also a founding member and current Chair of the CART/Broadcast Captioning Committee. Some of her goals include helping get CART legislation passed, providing CART to as many individuals as possible via funding from the Captioning Fund, continue to raise money for the Walk4Hearing every year, and help to get many more people certified as a CCG! Regina is also the owner of Heart Captioning, Inc. and has a passion for mentoring students as well as helping reporters transition into Captioning.
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Executive Director

Gloria Peterson 
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