Board of Directors


Carolyn Dasher, CSR, RPR, CMRS, is an official reporter for the Los Angeles Superior Court.  She joined the CCRA Board of Directors in 2004.  She began her court reporting career in 1987 working briefly in the deposition field and then with L.A. Municipal Court.  While working in the court, she also has been a CART provider to witnesses, litigants and attorneys.  She is a Past President for the Los Angeles County Court Reporters Association.  Carolyn is a strong advocate for the reporting profession in Sacramento and will continue to lobby for CCRA.
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Rachel N. Barkume, CSR, RPR, has been a reporter since passing the CSR in June 2011. She has worked most of her career in the official arena, but she has recently left the courtroom to pursue deposition reporting and CART captioning.  Rachel has been on the CCRA Board of Directors since 2013, serving as a Director, Secretary/Treasurer, and now President-Elect.  She has also been the chair of NCRA’s New Professionals Advisory Committee for three years, working alongside new reporters and veteran reporters around the country to focus on new professionals in our field and to ensure the growth and success of our industry into the future.  Rachel’s goal is to inspire and encourage, to help others find their enthusiasm for this amazing career, and to invest in our community of California reporters as we work together for a brighter future for us all.  Rachel has been married to her husband, Jesse, since 2015, and they have three doggie-children, Autumn, Rocky, and Harley.  She enjoys hiking, yoga, and living in the beautiful Sierra National Forest.
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Vice President

Aimee Skochko, CSR, has been a reporter since 1998.  She attended Sierra Valley College of Court Reporting in Fresno, California.  Upon passing the CSR, Aimee moved to the Central Coast and was hired as an official for San Luis Obispo County Superior Court.  After two years in San Luis Obispo County, Aimee relocated to Orange County, where she was a deposition and hearing reporter for two years.  Aimee became an official once again for Orange County Superior Court in 2005, where she is currently assigned to Orange County's Lamoreaux Justice Center in Orange, California, reporting family law matters.  She is the legislative representative for her local association, Orange County Superior Court Reporters Association, and is active member of their board. As a director of CCRA, Aimee hopes to support all aspects of the court reporting profession. She currently serves as a member of the membership committee and the legislative committee. Aimee found and rescued her dog Remy, whom she adores.  She enjoys spending time with family and friends, cooking, baking, and gardening.  
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Jennifer Esquivel, CSR, upon graduating from Sage College and earning her CSR license in October of 2014, Jennifer began her career as a freelance court reporter, mainly covering depositions and occasionally family law trials.  Since joining the field of court reporting, Jennifer has made it a priority to move forward in the direction of becoming a certified realtime reporter.  Mentoring students, speaking at local schools, and advocating for freelance court reporters have all become a great passion of hers. During her time in court reporting school, Jennifer was the recipient of multiple scholarships and worked as a volunteer file clerk in her local courthouse.  She is excited and driven about serving as an advocate for freelance legislation through her service as chair of CCRA’s Deposition Advisory Committee.
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Director, District A

Director, District B

Sandy M. Walden, CSR, RPR, started her career in court reporting in July of 1999.  She worked as a freelance reporter until she was hired as an official for Contra Costa County Superior Court in October 2007.  This year as CCRA co-chair of the legislation committee, I am looking forward to continue to fight and win a transcript rate increase for our profession.  As the Director of District B, I’m looking forward to connecting with reporters in my district and seeing what positive changes you see CCRA can do for our profession.  Also, as co-chair for our convention in 2018, please reach out to me if you have a speaker you’d recommend or class you’d love to attend.  Making strides for all court reporters in California in my passion and goal.
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Director, District C

Erin Spence, CSR, started reporting as a freelance reporter before becoming an official, first with Los Angeles Superior Court and currently with Ventura Superior Court.  Erin is excited to be a part of CCRA's board as a district representative.  She looks forward to advocating for all facets of the court reporting profession and supporting our schools and students.  She has been enrolled at the University of Illinois, Chicago, Certificate in Nonprofit Management program.  Erin is also on the board of directors of the Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary, a nonprofit parrot rescue.  In her free time she is very involved in animal advocacy.  She shares her home with her two kids, three dogs, and one parrot.
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Director, District D

Robert Sullivan, CSR, has been a working California court reporter for the past 37 years.  Bob keeps active in all aspects of the profession, including teaching, mentoring and motivational speaking.  After having read and proctored the State Court Reporters Test for the Department of Consumer Affairs for the past 28 years, he is often referred to as “The Voice of the California CSR.” Bob holds the distinction of having worked on more than half of all Orange County Death Penalty cases over the past three decades, totaling over 40 Capital Cases.  Having recently retired his officialship with the County of Orange after 27 years of service, he is still seen roaming the halls of Central Court, wearing the hat of a reporter pro tempore.
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Director, District E

Michael Hensley, CSR, RPR, RMR, (but please call him Mike) is a new breed of court reporter, having finished his entire education and a large part of his certification online.  Because of that experience, he has developed a strong familiarity with utilizing technology as an everyday part of court reporting.  He is excited to bring this experience and knowledge to the Technology Committee for CCRA.  As a new professional, Mike has been exposed to a wide variety of opportunities.  Not only is he an active freelance deposition reporter for the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, he has also been active with the NCRA New Professionals Advisory Committee for the last two years.  Mike has a passion for motivating others to develop their skills and to succeed in being the best court reporter they can be.  He is a person who often finds outside-the-box methods to accomplish goals, and looks forward to bringing that approach to CCRA in order to make great things happen for our court reporters in order to help keep our industry on the cutting edge of what we can offer.  In his spare time, if any, Mike enjoys traveling with his husband, Topher.  They also are huge Cirque du Soleil fans.  And in those rare moments where there’s nothing pressing going on, Mike may actually sit down for a good session of knitting and binge watching episodes of “Friends.”
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Director, District F

Aimee Edwards-Altadonna, CSR, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Human Communications from California State University, Monterey Bay. She always knew that she wanted to have a career that involved the law, and when she found court reporting, she knew it was the perfect fit. Aimee entered online court reporting school while staying home with her son, Owen, took a family detour to have her daughter, Chloe, and shortly thereafter dove back into the pursuit of the field. She’s been working as a freelance reporter covering the Bay Area, Central Valley, Sacramento, and Monterey County since the fall of 2014 and works very hard at honing her craft.  In the short amount of time that she’s been actively involved in the profession, it is evident that this is exactly where she wants to be. She’s participated at state and national conventions as well as software user groups for a number of years and is proud to be involved as part of the volunteer leadership of CCRA representing freelance reporters. Aimee has been married to her husband, Vincent Altadonna, for 17 years, and they share a home and zoo -- 3 dogs, 1 cat, and an escape tortoise named Sam -- in Manteca.
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Director, District G

Regina DeMoville, CSR, CRC, CCG, has been a Captioner for over 11 years. She has done on-site CART, remote CART and Broadcast Captioning. She has done captioning in many different venues such as sports stadiums,  universities, and churches as well as remote captioning in different countries such as Canada and France. She is a founding member and current Chair of the CART/Broadcast Captioning Committee. She has a passion for mentoring students as well as helping reporters transition into Captioning. In her new role as a board member, she hopes to bring a Captioning perspective to the table as well as continuing to educate on CART and Broadcast Captioning.
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Executive Director

Jerry Packer holds a Bachelor of Arts in business administration from California State University, Fullerton. Jerry is president of Sterling Strategic Management, an association management company based in Laguna Beach, CA. Previously, Jerry was co-owner of EXHIBITCORP, a Los Angeles based company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and logistics of exhibits and trade show displays worldwide. Jerry lives in Laguna Beach with his Golden Retriever, plays golf and tennis, and loves to travel.
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