Grading Guidelines for the Certified Realtime Generalist Skills Test

The CRG Skills Test consists of five minutes of professionally recorded audio dictation material (Q&A) at 200 words per minute.  Passing is 96%.  Allowable number of errors is 40.

The CRG Skills Test is based on the rules of punctuation set forth in The Gregg Reference Manual and Merriam Webster’s Dictionary. 

Paragraphing is recommended but not required.

Automatic Fails:

  • A submitted .pdf or ASCII diskette that does not contain printable data.
  • Single-spaced transcripts.

The following list of errors will be used as a guideline for correcting tests.  In all cases of dispute, the Chief Examiner will render the final decision.  Your graded test will be returned to you.

(d=dictated, t=transcribed)

1. Each omission/duplication of Q and A.
(d) Q.  Where were you going?
A.  To the mall.
(t)  Q.  Where were you going?
--   To the mall.                                                                       1 Error
(t)  Q.  Where were you going?
Q.  To the mall.                                                                       1 Error

2. Each plural mistake.
(d) We will get a list of hotels.
(t)  We will get a list of hotel.                                               1 Error

3. Each present-tense verb dictated as past tense.
(d) You headed towards the door.
(t)  You head towards the door.                                           1 Error

4. Each misspelled word.
(d) learning
(t)  lerning                                                                              1 Error

5. Each wrong word.
(d) I didn’t follow the dog.
(t)  I couldn’t follow the dog.                                                1 Error

6. Each mistranslated stroke.
(d) criteria
(t)  cry tier e ah                                                                      4 Errors
(t)  cry teary ah                                                                      3 Errors

7. Each obviously omitted punctuation that is required by the rules of punctuation and/or grammar.

(d) October 5, 2016, is the date.
(t) October 5 2016 is the date.                                                   2 Errors
Items in a series:
(d) The school teaches math, science, and social studies.
(t)  The school teaches math science and social studies.         3 Errors
(d) No, ma’am.
(t)  No ma’am.                                                                              1 Error
City and state:
(d) I have lived in Porterville, California, for five years.
(t) I have lived in Porterville California for five years. 2 Errors
(d) I tried.  She was not happy.
(t) I tried she was not happy.                                                     2 Errors
(t) I tried {FPL} she was not happy.                                          2 Errors
Question mark:
(d) Do you want to go with me?
(t) Do you want to go with me.                                                  1 Error
Misspelled or noncapitalized names:
(d)Ms. Jackson was the winner.
(t) Ms. Johnson was the winner.                                                1 Error
(t) Ms. johnson was the winner.                                                 1 Error

8. Each incorrect number or money figure represented by a word.
(d) November 12, 1963.
(t)  November 12, 1693.                                                             2 Errors
(t)  November 1, 19 63.                                                               3 Errors

(d) Two hundred seventy dollars.
(t)$270.00 or $270 or 270 dollars.                                            0 Errors
(t) 270 (omitted $ or “dollars”)                                                 1 Error
(t) $720 or $720.00 or 720 dollars                                            2 Errors

9. Numbers zero through nine (0-9) should be written out.  Eleven (11) and above, the numbers should be written as numerals.  Ten (10) can be written either way.

(d) two hundred twenty
(t)  two hundred 20                                                              1 Error
(t)  220                                                                                   0 Errors

(d) two four nine Broadway Avenue.
(t) two forty nine Broadway Avenue .                                 1 Error
(t) 249 Broadway Avenue.                                                   0 Errors
(t) 429 Broadway Avenue.                                                   1 Error

(d) I have three children.
(t) I have 3 children.                                                              1 Error

10. Numbers containing six or more consecutive zeros should have the zeros expressed in words.  Numbers ten and below can be written out or expressed as a numeral.  Numbers 11 and above should be expressed as a numeral.
(d) ten billion
(t) 10 billion or six billion                                                     0 Errors

(d) three hundred sixty thousand
(t) 360,000                                                                             0 Errors
(t) 300,60,000                                                                       1 Error
(t) 300 60,000                                                                       2 Errors
(t) 300 60 thousand                                                              2 Errors
(t) 360 thousand                                                                   1 Error

(d) $2.5 million
(t) two $ .5 million                                                                 2 Errors
(t) 2 $ .5 million                                                                     2 Errors

11. Each contraction written as two words and vice versa.
(d) I can’t do that right now.
(t) I cannot do that right now.                                              1 Error

(d) she will try again.
(t) she’ll  try again.                                                                1 Error

12. Each untranslate.
(d) Did you go to Disneyland?
(t) Did you go to dizzy land?                                                2 Errors

13. Each omitted apostrophe that designates possession.
(d) The attorney asked her client’s question.
(t) The attorney asked her clients question.                       1 Error

14. Each conflict and/or any extra words contained in the conflict translation.
(d) He sat it there on the table.
(t) He sat it their on the table.                                              1 Error

(d) There are four flowers.
(t) There are four flours.                                                      2 Errors

(d) He elicited a full statement from her.
(t) He {he will} listed a full statement from her.                3 Errors

(d) Her treatment was unjust.
(t) Her treatment was {unjust; you know; just}.                3 Errors

15. Compound words with a space, changing meaning.
(d) A corporate buyout caused the partners
to break up.
(t) A corporate buy out caused the partners
to breakup.                                                                        2 Errors

16. Two words connected that should not be connected.
(d) I walked across the park.
(t)  I walked across thepark.                                                1 Error

17. Acronyms or initialisms should not contain spaces, hyphens or words.
(d) DMV
(t) D.M.V.                                                                                0 Errors
(t) D-M-V                                                                                2 Errors
(t) D M V                                                                                 2 Errors
(t) D N V                                                                                 3 Errors
(t) D me V                                                                               3 Errors
(t) Demi V                                                                              2 Errors

18, Stacking errors.
(d) She went to the store.  The dog was outside.
(t)  She went to the store T dog was outside.                     2 Errors

(d) They wanted her there.  I said she was unavailable.
(t) They wanted her.  There.  I said she was unavailable.  2 Errors
(t) T wanted her there.  I said she was unavailable.           1 Error

19. Transposition.
(d) He drove the car to her house.
(t)  He drove the car her to house.                                       1 Error

20. Each omitted word.
(d) I walked while he ran.
(t) I walked while ran.                                                          1 Error

21. Each added word.
(d) No.
(t)  No, ma’am.                                                                       1 Error

These will not be counted as errors:

A. Use of the word “dollars” instead of the $ symbol.
B. Use of the word “percent” instead of the % sign.
C. A word that does not translate but forms the correct English word. (NOTE: Translation may be in brackets):
(d) Tab
(t) {TAB}
D. Tests in all uppercase.