Legal and Medical

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Legal Terminology:

1. A legal act, such as a contract, performed in a bona fide manner, is said to be done:
a) fraudulently
b) incorrectly
c) in good faith
d) realistically

2. An ad hoc committee is a committee formed:
a) for a special purpose
b) for dispute resolution
c) summarily
d) retrospectively

3. A motion made preliminarily, at the start of a trial, is made:
a) in ambiguo
b) in posse
c) in limine
d) in delicto

4. A legal act done from or on one side only is done:
a) ex post facto
b) in extenso
c) ex officio
d) ex parte

5. A controversy already judicially decided is said to be:
a) res judicata
b) ipse dixit
c) res nova
d) sui generis

6. The pleading which starts a civil case is the filing of the:
a) complaint
b) summons
c) demurrer
d) subpoena

7. A record of cases that are filed with the court may be found:
a) en banc
b) on the docket
c) in the interrogatories
d) in the bailiff’s notes

8. A person authorized to attest to and certify documents is a:
a) bailiff
b) party
c) court reporter
d) notary public

9. A grand jury may issue an:
a) information
b) indictment
c) injunction
d) impeachment

10. The examination of jurors by the Court to see that they stand indifferent is called:
a) cross-examination
b) voir dire
c) adverse questioning
d) rejection

11. Prima facie evidence is:
a) inadmissible
b) irrelevant
c) rebuttable
d) immaterial

12. The standard of proof in criminal cases is usually:
a) probable cause
b) preponderance
c) clear and convincing
d) beyond a reasonable doubt

13. To recuse means to:
a) declare a mistrial
b) disqualify
c) judge
d) affirm

14. A directed verdict may be requested by:
a) plaintiff only
b) defendant only
c) either party
d) witnesses only

15. An order from a higher court to a lower court to deliver its records for review is called a writ of:
a) attachment
b) certiorari
c) execution
d) venire facias

16. Two necessary elements of entrapment are admission by defendant to having committed the crime and:
a) a plea of insanity
b) inducement by a law enforcement officer to do the crime
c) the right to stand one’s ground
d) failure to receive a Miranda warning

17. A minor is considered to be:
a) non sui juris
b) non compos mentis
c) incompetent
d) incapable

18. An agreement between two or more persons to do an illegal act is called:
a) collusion
b) treason
c) incitement
d) assault

19. To have one’s true identity hidden is to be:
a) incorrigible
b) incommunicado
c) incognito
d) indifferent

20. The act of calling a prisoner before the Court to answer an indictment or information is called:
a) assignment
b) arraignment
c) attachment
d) attestation

21. The working out of a mutually satisfactory disposition of a case by the prosecution and the defense, frequently by having the defense agree to plead guilty to a lesser charge, is:
a) arraignment
b) alternate dispute resolution
c) plea bargaining
d) mediation

22. A plea of no contest in which guilt is not admitted is called:
a) not guilty
b) nolo contendere
c) nolle prosequi
d) habeas corpus

23. The intentional creation of a reasonable apprehension of an imminent battery is:
a) assault
b) mayhem
c) stalking
d) domestic violence

24. Civil law includes wrongs like breach of contract and:
a) seduction
b) sedition
c) kidnapping
d) torts

25. Exemplary damages are also known as ____________damages.
a) damnum
b) nominal
c) punitive
d) replevin

26. Defamation that is communicated by the spoken word is:
a) slander
b) libel
c) malfeasance
d) misfeasance

27. A female nominated in a will to carry out the terms of the will is a(n):
a) administrator
b) administratrix
c) executor
d) executrix

28. One who legally has the care and management of the property, but not the person, of someone who is incompetent is a(n):
a) creditor
b) collateral relative
c) conservator
d) executor


29. The name of the board in which you are licensed is the:
a) Certified Shorthand Reporters Board
b) Court Reporters Board of California
c) California Certified Shorthand Reporters Board
d) California Shorthand Reporters Board

30. Name the tax form you receive from an agency if you earn $600 or more while working as an independent contractor.
a) 1040
b) 2030
c) 1090
d) 1099

31. What is a caption?
a) newspaper headline about a lawsuit
b) official name of a lawsuit, listing names of parties
c) a motion picture subtitle
d) the name of a document

32. Reporters are licensed under:
a) Code of Regulations
b) Code of Civil Procedure
c) Chapter 13, Division 3 of the B&P code
d) Government code

33. What is the purpose of the Court Reporters Board of California?
a) to protect students
b) to protect attorneys from dishonest reporters
c) to protect the people of the State of California
d) to protect all court reporters in California

34. According to the Code, how many days does the witness have to sign his deposition after being notified by the reporter that it’s ready for reading and signing?
a) 10 days
b) 30 days
c) 45 days
d) 60 days

35. According to the transcript format standards, there shall be no fewer than how many text lines per page?
a) 25
b) 26
c) 27
d) 28

36. A reporter must complete a preliminary transcript within:
a) 15 days
b) 10 days
c) 5 days
d) none of the above

37. What must appear on the cover page and the certificate page of every transcript?
a) CSR license number
b) CSR’s license expiration date
c) attorneys’ names
d) case number

38. A rough draft transcript
a) may only be produced upon stipulation of all parties.
b) must be delivered at the time of the deposition.
c) may not be cited to rebut the certified transcript.
d) must be securely sealed and transmitted to the noticing attorney.

39. Realtime hookup means you can connect to persons with a computer allowing them access to your screen.
a) True
b) False

40. To make a special job dictionary, I would use the “Ctrl” D function.
a) True
b) False

41. A global is a way of marking text or shorthand notes which commands the computer to translate a stroke a certain way.
a) True
b) False

42. I can get my blank title from the Include Pages.
a) True
b) False

43. It is not possible to have more than three dictionaries on my computer.
a) True
b) False


44. Measurement of the front surface of the cornea:
a) keratometry
b) tonometry
c) corneal scan
d) none of these

45. The muscle of mastication:
a) masseter
b) platysma
c) buccinator
d) orbicularis oris

46. A dense network of nerves of capillaries:
a) plexus
b) dendrites
c) stimulus
d) villus

47. The zygomatic bone is the:
a) tailbone
b) elbow
c) cheekbone
d) chin

48. A depression or cavity in a bone:
a) foramen
b) process
c) fossa
d) sinus

49. The study of disease:
a) morphology
b) histology
c) cytology
d) pathology

50. Which one does not belong:
a) ileum
b) ilium
c) duodenum
d) jejunum

51. The double-layered sac that encases the lungs:
a) alveolus
b) hilum
c) diaphragm
d) pleura

52. Cerebrospinal spinal fluid is made in the:
a) meninges
b) ventricles
c) cisterns
d) spinal cord

53. There are 31 pairs of which kind of nerves?
a) cranial
b) spinal
c) olfactory
d) facial

54. Rapid, jerky side-to-side eye movements:
a) strabismus
b) corectasia
c) keratocele
d) none of these

55. The fibrous outer coat that protects the eye (the white of the eye:
a) iris
b) sclera
c) lens
d) retina

56. The membranes that line the brain and spinal cord are the:
a) ventricles
b) meninges
c) convolutions
d) villi

57. Uncontrollable lapses of sleep:
a) epilepsy
b) Parkinson’s disease
c) encephalitis
d) narcolepsy

58. The intercostal muscles move the …
a) hands
b) neck
c) ribs
d) spine

59. The deltoid muscle raises the …
a) upper leg
b) lower arm
c) lower leg
d) upper arm

60. The largest and strongest bone in the body:
a) tibia
b) sternum
c) femur
d) frontal

61. The ends of long bones:
a) shaft
b) periosteum
c) diaphysis
d) none of these

62. The type of fracture that results in a star-shaped break:
a) comminuted
b) stellate
c) incomplete
d) Pott’s

63. The bone at the back of the skull:
a) parietal
b) frontal
c) occipital
d) temporal

64. The olecranon process is part of the:
a) heel
b) humerus
c) ulna
d) talus

65. The sagittal plane divides the body into:
a) upper and lower portions
b) unequal left and right sides
c) equal left and right sides
d) front and back portions

66. A condition of rough, dry skin:
a) keratosis
b) psoriasis
c) osmosis
d) xerosis


67. caustic
a) sympathetic
b) crusader
c) sarcastic
d) foamy

68. proletariat
a) aristocrat
b) working class
c) advocate
d) rebel

69. prolific
a) abundant
b) alive
c) reborn
d) steady

70. bathos
a) cleansing
b) insincere pity
c) sincere pity
d) appropriateness

71. austere
a) incredible
b) luster
c) sanitary
d) strict

72. inert
a) inactive
b) illegal
c) unreadable
d) contributing

73. vicissitude
a) quietness
b) fluctuation
c) courage
d) anger

74. rigors
a) energy
b) muscular stiffening
c) hardship
d) basics

75. demure
a) shy
b) object
c) enforce
d) stately

76. provisional
a) temporary
b) nourishment
c) support
d) expert

77. remonstrate
a) protest
b) forgive
c) show
d) duplicate

78. descry
a) cry
b) confuse
c) threaten
d) discover