CCRA's 102nd Annual Convention


Michael Appelman, CSR and his son Mike started StenoCast in 2004 with the
release of the StenoCast X1 and StenoCast X7. These wireless realtime products were initially developed for Michael’s use in court, but with their popularity, StenoCast soon became the industry leader in wireless realtime equipment manufactured specifically for reporters, attorneys and judges. Michael has presented this realtime hookup how-to seminar at the NCRA annual and midyear conventions, numerous state conventions and Anita Paul Realtime Mastery Workshops throughout the country.

Bob Bakva began his career with ADP Network Services. In 1982, Mr Bakva developed his first CAT software and became the founder and President of Advanced Translations Technology, ProCAT. To date, after 30 years, he continues to bring innovative software and writers to the reporting industry, as well as products for the legal industry. These products include: Winner software, Captivision, WebCaption, Denoto, Flash Stylus and the new Impression writer.

Gerie Bunch has been a reporter since 1985 primarily in the official arena with some experience in the freelance world as well. Her first year of reporting, she worked with a depo firm in Sacramento; then a year later, landed an officialship in Yolo County. In 1989 she transferred to Plumas County as an official and has been there ever since. She and her husband Tom live in the gorgeous High Sierras where they raised their two daughters who have careers of their own.
Gerie has served CCRA as a Board member, Officer and Committee Chair since 2000. She helped create the Support Our Students Committee and still chairs that committee to date. She’s also works with the Convention Committee to create the Student Track for CCRA’s Annual Conventions.

Sandy VanderPol Bunch brings to you more than 35 years of experience. During this period of time, she has earned a reputation of providing stellar service in all aspects of deposition reporting. Prior to providing services as a freelance reporter, Sandy was a firm owner and a working reporter for Phillips & Associates and Bunch & Associates, specializing in training reporters on technology and marketing those technologies to litigators. Her areas of expertise include, Realtime reporting and troubleshooting any issues that may arise, immediate delivery of rough draft transcripts, Webstreaming the realtime deposition over the Internet, Reporting of complex litigation, including the handling of thousands of exhibits and Scanning and linking exhibits to transcripts in SBF, LEF, PDF and other formats. Throughout her career, Sandy has presented at seminars to both reporters and attorneys focusing on the technological side of reporting and how to best use this technology in your litigation practice. She has also been selected as the deposition reporter in many complex environmental cases, reporting up to as many as 200 depositions in each case. Sandy has been licensed as a Certified Shorthand Reporter since 1975. Through the National Court Reporters Association, she has also received the Certified Merit Reporter designation, passing speed tests up to 260 words per minute, and the Certified Realtime Reporter designation, certifying 97.5% accuracy in realtime reporting. Sandy has been recently been recognized as a Fellow of Academy of Professional Reporters. She was instrumental in developing the NCRA certificate program called the “Realtime Systems Administrator” and is credentialed in such.  Sandy is a past president of the California Court Reporters Association and is an active member in the National Court Reporters Association, serving as on the Technology Evaluation Committee and the Ethics First Committee and has presented seminars relating to technology in the court reporting profession, at both the NCRA and CCRA conventions.   Sandy was instrumental in developing the NCRA Realtime Systems Administrator program. She is a member of the Northern California Court Reporters Association and STAR, the Society of Technical Advancement of Reporting.

Karyn Buxman shows people how to harness the power of thought (Amazed) and the spirit of humor (Amused). While her classmates were dissecting frogs, Karyn was dissecting humor. Through her years of research and experience she’s determined that humor offers benefits in the workplace that moves groups forward and allows individuals to live more positive, productive and happier lives. Clients range from the Mayo Clinic to the Million Dollar Round Table and they hire Karyn to entertain, educate and inspire their audiences again and again. Her mission in life is to improve global health through laughter and to heal the humor impaired.

Jim Cassie has been a lobbyist for 27 years. Jim has worked with virtually all levels of state government on an array of issues. He has developed a substantial background working with the California Energy Commission, as well as the California Legislature, state boards and agencies, and the Governor's Office that include its reporting departments.

Brian Clune began working in Product Development for YESLAW in 2010, developing the next generation of delivery standards for transcripts, exhibits and video. In addition to working with YesLaw, Mr. Clune is a consultant to the NCRA and contributor to the textbook “Guide to Video Depositions.”. He is a frequent speaker on the subject of video deposition technology, digital delivery of the stenographic record and cloud based solutions for court reporters.

Carolyn Dasher, CSR, RPR, CMRS, is an official reporter for the Los Angeles Superior Court. She joined the CCRA Board of Directors in 2004. She began her court reporting career in 1987 working briefly in the deposition field and then with L.A. Municipal Court. She is a Past President for the Los Angeles County Court Reporters Association. Carolyn is a strong advocate for the reporting profession in Sacramento and will continue to lobby for CCRA.

Mireya Duffy has eleven years of experience working with LiveNote technology and seven years as a realtime court reporter. Mireya was instrumental in developing the CLR certification workshop first offered by LiveNote in 2004, and has instructed countless Certified LiveNote Reporter training workshops, LiveNote Certified Trainer, and CME courses. Mireya Duffy is experienced in educating court reporting agencies on realtime and transcript production technologies and educating law firm users on realtime and case analysis programs. Mireya Duffy provides client consultation and training on RealLegal and Stream applications for court reporting.

John Garnett has been the Business Manager for YesLaw since 2006.  Based in Santa Clara, California, YesLaw provides production software and services for court reporters and legal videographers.  Based on court reporter demand, John has now focused his attention on development of the YesLaw PDF Transcript Generator software and the YesLaw Online Repository.  These software tools enable reporters to quickly and easily produce full and condensed, PDF-formatted transcripts complete with hyperlinked exhibits and word index and deliver them electronically to the court and attorneys.

Steven Genter is a highly experienced litigation specialist with over 12 years of court reporting sales and agency management.  Steven specializes in complex litigation technology and is certified as a streaming media expert holding numerous certifications as a certified realtime software trainer, along with “SAAS” software as a service development.  As the Director of, Steven works with the entire court reporting industry, law firms, and corporate clients to provide awareness and cost savings by providing them with the tools needed to stream or remotely attend depositions worldwide. You may contact Steven Genter at [email protected] or by calling 888-DEPO411.

Sunny Hann, as a Customer Care Manager for RealLegal, brings more than fourteen years of experience within the legal community. Sunny began working with RealLegal in 1998, and developed the RealLegal training and partner programs. Her background includes over fourteen years experience working with law firms, litigation support companies and court reporting service providers to train, support and certify them on realtime software, transcript production technology and case analysis programs. Sunny Hann provides CLR and CME training and West Case Notebook certification. She also conducts client consultation and training on RealLegal and Stream applications for court reporting.

Linda J. Hart began reporting as a Certified Shorthand Reporter in the Northern California region in 1979 and has been a freelance firm owner in Sacramento since 1984. She has a passion for her job and enjoys every day she goes to work, even after 33 years of active reporting. She has also served as President of Northern California Court Reporters Association and has served on the Program Advisory Committee for Bryan College in Gold River. As a CCRA board member, she is dedicated to the future of court reporting.

Cindi Hartman has trained thousands of court reporting professionals for 23 years in her position as Training Program Manager. She manages Stenograph's Certified Independent Training Agent Program. She is the author of the Fundamentals of Case CATalyst textbook, IVT video lessons and other training resources within the Case CATalyst software and the “Recently Asked Questions” feature at the Stenograph blog. She presents live and web-based CATalyst courses, and is the primary online liaison for Stenograph at a variety of online court reporting forums. 

Brooke Henrikson, CSR, has held the position of director with the California Court Reporters Association for the past year.  She currently volunteers as the Vice Chair within her bargaining unit for United Public Employees for five and a half years.  She has served as president for the Sacramento Official Court Reporters for a total of four years.  She, along with Jeremiah Van Etten, a Public Defender for Sacramento County, are raising their 2-year-old son, Oliver. Promoting the innovative skills of real-time court reporters is her passion.

Steve Kosmata is currently a court reporter for the San Diego Superieor Court since 1991 and is assigned to Dept. 72. Mr. Kosmata has primarily civil duties. A product of South Los Angeles and Bryan College, he also enjoys a good game of bridge; as well as recently created two websites for the court reporters in San Diego Superior Court; and helps co-produce yearly seminars for reporters in the great Southern California area.

Early Langley, CSR, RPR, RMR, serves as a director for CCRA and chair of the Deposition Advisory Committee. She is a senior staff court reporter at Aiken Welch Court Reporters located in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a member of NCRA and a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of the University of California Berkeley. She has published articles in legal journals in California and testified before a Senate subcommittee, both relating to the court reporting profession. Early currently lives in Bay Area with her husband. She is an avid runner and photographer.

Phil Liberatore is Founder and Presidentof two successful companiesin Southern California, Philip L. Liberatore, CPA and IRS Problem Solvers, Inc.
He actively works with clients on their accounting and tax issues, and has successfully helped thousands of clients across the United States resolve all types of IRS problems. Phil is a major contributor to his community and is actively involved in many organizations and charities that are close to his heart. He is also a notable philanthropist. Phil has successfully built a small business empire, which has only increased his determination and desire to help others. Phil has a passion for people and helping them reach their full potential in life. He is a 1975 graduate of the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s in Accounting, and received his Master of Business Administration in Finance in 1976. Phil is also the host of Liberty Speaks, a weekly radio show that seeks to communicate an inspiring, moving, touching, engaging and entertaining voice for hard-working, honest-living, God-loving American citizens, based on the principles of our United States Constitution. Phil’s success and leadership style have afforded him the honor of being highlighted in magazines over the years. He has been a guest on numerous television shows and nationally syndicated radio programs. Phil treasures his time with his wife, Dana, whether it is at home or traveling. They have two grown daughters and reside in Whittier.

Rick Louie is a 19-year veteran of StenoCAT reporting software support and quality assurance services. Rick brings a wealth of information to reporters to easily incorporate into their toolkit. Rick is a Southern California native with a B.S Electrical Engineering degree from CSU Fullerton. He teaches computer classes to court reporting students at South Coast College of Court Reporting, and advanced software “how to” classes at StenoCAT User Network and NCRA conventions. Also a former court reporting student, Rick brings many aspects of the reporter experience to the classroom. He specializes in ongoing training, education, and support of court reporters in the changing business climate. 

Pam Marty, as a Customer Care Manager for RealLegal, brings thirty years of experience within the legal community. Pam's background includes over eleven years managing production for court reporting firms. Since 1990, Pam continues to educate court reporting service providers, attorneys, paralegals and litigation support on a variety of transcript-related technology including realtime and case analysis software. Pam Marty provides CLR and CME training and West Case Notebook certification. She also conducts client consultation and training on RealLegal and Stream applications for court reporting.

Saba McKinley served as an official court reporter for the Los Angeles County Municipal and Superior Courts for 19-plus years, working in criminal, civil, juvenile, family law, and dependency courts. In the course of her service, she also took on the role of trainer for newly-hired reporters in the court system. She has trained and mentored dozens of court reporters and students. Saba is the owner of “Divinescripts LLC,” providing CART services in college classrooms, civic meetings, and private corporations. She is currently the coordinator for the California Court Reporters Association mentoring program. As a member of Toastmasters International, she is a speaker and trainer and actively participates at the area, division and district levels.

Glenn Mervin Jr, started working with computers as a profession in 1978.  For those of you trying to calculate my age, keep in mind my wife is a lot younger than me.  During the last 44 years of growing in my profession I have been a Software developer/installer/trainer, Business hardware and software integrator, SQL Administrator and designer, Web design and hosting , Teaching beginners (Internet and PC’s), Network design and administration, IT Manager for IPA/HMO/PPO/EPO Companies, Meaningful use designer/installer/trainer for small practice Family Physicians, Husband to a Court Reporter, Father to a Court Reporter.  In the last ten years, Glenn has spoken all across the nation.

Lesia Mervin has been a reporter for 27 years. She began her career as a freelance reporter, eventually ending up as an official. She is currently an official and reporter coordinator for Tulare County. She is known best for her exuberance and passion for the profession, through teaching and mentoring students and reporters alike. She loves to share her mastery of realtime with anyone who wants to learn. She has presented her realtime writing skills at many seminars for both CCRA and NCRA. She considers one of her great accomplishments teaching her daughter the profession and watching her become an excellent realtime reporter herself. She is an NCRA realtime contest silver medalist and an NCRA speed contest qualifier, as well as CCRA's speed contest 2nd place winner.  She is currently the chair of CCRA's Technology Committee. For many years she has been a Beta tester for Stenograph software and writer products. She is married, with two children. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family, reading, vacationing, and is a musician, playing keyboard in her church orchestra. She is looking forward to retirement and becoming a rock star groupie, following her son (a professional drummer/musician) around the globe as soon as they're famous!

Fred Middlebrooks started at Stenograph in 1981. In the course of his tenure Fred has managed many different departments including Purchasing, Manufacturing, Service and Shorthand Machine Design. Beginning in 1991, Fred assumed responsibility for Product Development including CAT Software design and writer design. Fred also regularly meets with users to determine future product and market needs as well as chairing the STAR user group liaison committee. Fred has a degree in Accounting and Economics from DePaul University, a degree in Marketing from University of Hawaii, and a degree in Manufacturing from Kellogg School of Management.

Anissa Nierenberger, RPR, CRR, CBC, has been captioning for 20 years. She founded Dictionary Jumpstart, Inc., in 2000. Her company’s realtime dictionary software has helped hundreds of reporters improve their dictionaries, lessen editing time and transition with ease into different areas of reporting, including captioning and CART. She published the “Drug Speller,” which is in its fourth year of publication, updated annually. Anissa is the president-elect of her state association and teaches captioning courses online.

Jack Passarella – Safety & Health Consultant – Jack has worked for Zenith Insurance for seven years.  He has thirty two years of Safety experience, twenty four of which are in Workers’ Compensation Loss Control.  Jack obtained his B.A. degree from California State University Fresno in Occupational Safety & Health.  In the many years he has worked as a consultant, ergonomics has been a growing concern for many industries and he has placed significant focus on understanding proper workstation setup and body mechanics.

Doug Reid has been practicing yoga for over 12 years and a teacher of yoga for over 5.  He is certified in “Hatha Yoga” and “Chair yoga”. Influenced by a broad spectrum of yoga schools and styles, Doug specializes in modifying classical yoga poses for the chair. Yoga is accessible to every individual, nourishing our body, mind and spirit through breath, motion and stillness.

Carmen Santone is a DigitalCAT certified trainer and director of sales with Stenovations. Prior to full-time employment with Stenovations, Carmen worked as a freelance reporter in the Philadelphia market. Carmen has vast experience with digitalCAT software, utilizing the software in his employment for three years prior to representing and conducting trainings for the company. In conjunction with the staff at Stenovations, Carmen has retooled the training curriculum/itinerary and conducts both Level I and Level II intensive trainings commensurate with his sales activities. As of February of 2005, Carmen was appointed director of sales but continues to develop and conduct trainings on both a one-on-one and group basis. For further information or to organize group or personalized trainings, Mr. Santone can be contacted at [email protected] or contacting him directly at 903.729.0100.

Debby Steinman, CSR, CRR, RDR, CMRS, CPE, has been a reporter for 36 years and has worked both as a freelancer and official. Presently she is an official at the Orange County Superior Court and works in a civil department. For the past 17 years, she has taught theory, speed classes and depo and court procedures. She taught at California School of Court Reporting in Santa Ana, and is now a part-time teacher at Cypress College teaching court procedures. Debby has been an NCRA chief examiner for the RPR, RMR, CRR/CBC/CCP exams, and is a past member of the NCRA Test Advisory Committee. Debby's the past president of the Orange County Court Reporters Association, and has been involved with testing and hiring of new reporters. One of her favorite activities is mentoring new reporters. She's a member of a Bible class at work; a proud stepmother of Allison and Scott, Allison's husband; and mom to Bucket and Bandit, her two Old English Sheepdogs and she absolutely loves driving her husband, Dave, crazy. Debby enjoys playing pool and Ping-Pong, keeping up on politics, and reading her Kindle.

Bob Sullivan has been an Orange County Superior Court Reporter for the past 26 years. Bob is the immediate past president of the Orange County Superior Court Reporters Association. Reader and proctor for the California Court Reporters Exam for the past 20 years. Former court reporting school teacher and deposition reporter. Current assignment is the 2011-2012 Orange County Grand Jury Reporter.

John Terry, Jr., CSR, began his career as a court reporter in 1994, working per diem in the Fresno County Superior Court. He was then hired as an extra help reporter and in 1999 he was hired as an Official in Fresno County. In his career he has worked in numerous assignments in State and Federal Courts. John has his real estate license and enjoys helping clients find their dream home. He enjoys bowling and loves to travel with Jeff whenever they get the chance. One of the joys in John's life is spending time with his great niece Jocelyn.

Kim Thayer, CSR, RPR, CRR began her career in court reporting in 1990 working for a small court reporting firm in her hometown of Hanford, California. A year later Kim began working per diem in Tulare County Superior Court and eventually in Fresno in the Eastern District Court of California along with freelancing in the deposition world. In 2005, Kim bought the firm Audrey Hill & Associates in Fresno and is now operating as Kim Thayer & Associates. Kim builds her company under her motto of “committed to court reporting excellence.” This commitment is what brought Kim to her leadership position on the CCRA board in 2009. Kim is proud of her profession and wants to keep the profession alive and respected. Kim has been married to her husband and biggest cheerleader, Robert, for almost 20 years. They are the proud parents of their two sons, 17-year-old Robbie and 13-year-old Payton, and their one and only daughter, 10-year-old Kaitlin.  

Robert Thayer is a 22-year veteran of the Kings County Sheriff's Office. It was in his early years as a Deputy Sheriff that he met and married your Freelance Vice President, Kim Thayer. Robert worked his way up through the ranks of the Sheriff's Office and now holds the position of Assistant Sheriff. As part of his command, Robert oversees the Custody Division, Court Services, Animal Control, and all Tactical Elements, including S.W.A.T (Special Weapons and Tactics), C.R.T (Crisis Resolution Team), T.D (Tactical Dispatch) and S.E.R.T (Sheriff's Emergency Response Team). Early in Robert's career, he succumbed to a life-style of unhealthy eating habits accompanied with a sedentary "couch potato" approach to physical fitness. In May 2009, living life at 240 pounds, Robert finally committed himself to a life-style change that has truly changed his life.  At 43 years of age, Robert is now a poster child of health and physical fitness. He accomplished this mission the "old fashion" way, eating correctly and exercising daily. Robert will provide his captive audience with a transparency that will expose his addiction to food and his challenge to you…….change your life! Robert is the proud father of three children; Robbie, Payton and Kaitlin. Along with his wife, Kim, they reside in Hanford, California where they enjoy the comforts of great friends, good fellowship, and the love of following their kids through baseball and gymnastics.

Bruce C. Underwood, Dr.P.H., Vice President of Healthy Futures, Inc., is preventive care specialist who has dedicated his life to health and healing, while providing integrated lifestyle counseling in the areas of addictive behaviors, exercise, nutrition, and stress for the prevention and treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases. He is a consulting Certified Preventive Care Specialist, Exercise Physiologist and a Certified Nutrition Specialist. His doctorate is in Prevention of Disease, Master's in Nutrition and another Master's in Exercise Physiology.

Margie Wakeman Wells is a lifetime credentialed teacher in the state of California and is certified as a CRI. She has taught 48 years, 36 of those in court reporting. As a reporting instructor, she has taught from the theory level through the exit speeds as well as English courses.  She has presented, under the auspices of NCRA and state court reporting organizations, over 300 seminars for reporters on English-related topics as well as seminars for teachers and students over the past 30 years. Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation, her best-selling reference text, and the workbook that accompanies it are published by Margie Holds Court Publishing and are available at  Margie is currently the Online Education Consultant for College of Court Reporting in Hobart, Indiana.  She has two grown sons and lives with her husband, Bill, in Culver City, California.