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President's Message

CCRA started March off running to Boot Camp.  What a successful day for the court reporting students in California!  I’d like to thank every court reporter who sponsored a student.  Students enjoyed the wonderful opportunity of educational classes as well as networking with reporters and other students.  Attendees walked away motivated and energized!

March 4th’s CCRA Strategic Planning Session was a success!  Reporters, students, and teachers from around the state were invited to join the brainstorming conversations pertinent to our profession.  Be ready to network with your colleagues and friends when the CCRA call to action appears in the coming weeks!

NCRA's Contracting Out

Since NCRA has taken a “neutral” stance on contracting and will no longer actively and publicly register support for anti-contracting legislation, CCRA and other state associations have written letters to the NCRA Board of Directors urging them to uphold professional ethical guidelines to keep our profession in an impartial and objective position.

As the upcoming NCRA Board of Directors meeting is fast approaching, 24 states in our country, including CCRA, have requested to attend the March 9th NCRA board meeting by video conference or other electronic means so that we may have a seat at the table in discussing this very important issue.  Unfortunately, NCRA does not have the technological means to facilitate attendance in that way.

To protect our members, to protect the public, and to protect the integrity of our profession, CCRA stands together with the leaders of our industry across the country.

Letters to NCRA:

Arizona Court Reporters Association
California Court Reporters Association
Hawaii Court Reporters and Captioners Association
Kentucky Court Reporters Association
Massachusetts Court Reporters Association
New Hampshire Court Reporters Association
South Dakota Court Reporters Association
Virginia Court Reporters Association
Washington Court Reporters Association

CCRA e-Compendium

CCRA is proud to break new ground by becoming the first court reporters association in the nation to launch an e-Compendium, offering exactly the same high level content as our yearly paperback publication now in digital form. You will no longer have to buy multiple versions as we are consolidating the freelance/CART and official compendiums into one easy-to-use app. Click here for additional information.

News & Notices

Student Clothing Drive!
Governor Brown's budget has been released  01.13.18

Official Court Reporters:
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YesLaw e-filing software is currently being used in many counties throughout our state and is considered to be the gold standard for an electronic transcript by the appellate courts who have been receiving transcripts electronically.  By joining CCRA and utilizing YesLaw at the cost of only $25 a month, you will always be compliant with ALL of the requirements of California Rule of Court 8.144, Form of the Record, and will never have to worry when you upload a transcript whether you are in compliance with the Code.  YesLaw software is fully compatible with all CAT software, so there is no need to purchase new.  So why deliver to your clients the minimum standard when you have the ability to deliver the GOLD!!