President's Message

I am so excited to write my first-ever president’s message. I’ve been talking to numerous working reporters and students about our amazing profession over the years. I have had the honor to speak on this topic in small settings, but it’s time to let everyone know how I feel.

Well, here it goes. We are one community. We help each other. We advocate for and protect the profession as a whole. What happens to one of us, happens to all of us. While our jobs may have a past, our profession has a future.

Nothing has been more demonstrative of this assertion than when numerous officials around this state lost their job a number of years ago. They were thrust into the freelance arena that was foreign to many. Around the state freelance reporters and firm owners embraced their friends and colleagues and were willing to share their knowledge and skills.



On January 7th, Governor Brown released his proposed budget for 2016. Contained within the budget is the call for the "development of electronic recordings in family courts."

CCRA's current bill, AB 749 (Bloom), is a two-year bill mandating that a court reporter report all family law proceedings. That is RESPONSIBLE language. In a practice of law that sees many indigent litigants, the concept of preserving the only record by means of an oftentimes unintelligible electronic recording is IRRESPONSIBLE. By creating a two-tiered justice system -- those that can afford a proper record and those that cannot -- California has created an abyss of discrimination between the rich and the poor. Those that can afford to litigate issues, including family law, child custody, and financial support issues, are left with an easily manipulated, unregulated, poor record of proceedings. Appellate review will be increasingly difficult, thus allowing speculation as to what occurred in court proceedings.

Make no mistake about it: This is a quick and dirty fix that shows little foresight into the PROTECTION of rights of the unintended victims, litigants, attorneys and the court. It is irresponsible to preserve the only record in the hands of electronic recording.

CCRA is in the process of assembling our team of experts, lobbyists, legislative analysts and legal experts to face this head on. Strategy plans and meetings will be taking place with key legislators that need to hear the message loud and clear: AB 749 is the RESPONSIBLE solution and the governor's recommendation is not. Court funding must be restored to the justice system to adequately protect the rights of the public.

CCRA is working with key justice partners and unions, as well as meeting with legislators, to help restore court funding to our courts as we speak.

We need you to act now! Please join us in ensuring justice for all and in protecting and mandating court reporters in family law proceedings by making a donation to the CCRA Special Fund. Your donation will go directly to help defray the costs of our experts, lobbyists, legislative analysts and legal experts needed to fight this fight.

Thank You!

CCRA would like to say THANK YOU to the Speaker Roster.  We are very grateful for your willingness to volunteer your time to speak at your local court reporting schools to talk about this great profession and discuss the programs we offer for students.

  • Jonnell Agnew
  • Patrick Brezna
  • Christy Cannariato
  • Kris Case
  • Todd Combs
  • Danielle Dyer
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  • Denise McCombs
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  • Laurie Miller
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CCRA’s Reporter Resource Listing

Are you looking to get your name out there for lawyers and court reporting firms to report civil trials? As a firm owner, are you looking to hire a court reporter in your area to cover civil trials? CCRA has compiled the resource for you. This Reporter Resource Listing will be distributed to courts and bar associations. CCRA will actively promote this resource listing to bar associations and courts throughout the state.

It’s not too late to sign up and add your name to the Official Reporter Resource listing.

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