President's Message


A lot of things have happened with the court reporting profession and CCRA in the past three months, both helpful and possibly hurtful. Let’s start with the helpful.

January, we started the year off big. BOOT CAMP 2015 was another rousing success with over 170 attendees, a passel of great speakers, terrific lunch, an inaugural CSR oath, and a party bus to boot. If you attended BOOT CAMP in Burbank in January, you already know what I’m about to say, which is that the money you spent on yourself improving your professional skills was money well spent. We had terrific speakers talking about the best way to help you with your taxes, how to stay out of trouble with the Court Reporters Board, the best way to make yourself stand out in the industry, and the importance of captioning to our society. This one-day event was jammed full of information for every facet of the reporting profession. If you missed out this year, plan on attending it next January. We are tentatively setting it up for somewhere in the Sacramento area, and, yes, there will be a party bus from Southern California to Sacramento and back. You don’t want to miss that ride.


CCRA Celebrates CA Court Reporting & Captioning Week

On February 18, 2015, with the help of Assemblymember Mark Stone, the California Court Reporters Association (CCRA) proclaimed the week of February 15, 2015 through February 21, 2015, as the “California Court Reporting and Captioning Week,” recognizing the court reporting and captioning profession and its history.
Each year, the National Court Reporting Association honors the professions of court reporting and captioning by recognizing a National Court Reporting & Captioning Week. This year marks the first in California history where an Assembly Concurrent Resolution, ACR 20, has helped bring awareness to the impact that court reporters and captioners have on capturing California’s history.
Assemblymember Mark Stone authored the resolution which passed by a unanimous vote on the Assembly Floor.
“Designating this week as California Court Reporting & Captioning Week gives our profession the opportunity to celebrate.


The Important Relationship Between the Essential Court Reporter and the  Mercurial Judge

At the NCRA convention in San Francisco this weekend, the Honorable Kent Hamlin, Fresno County Superior Court, presented a seminar with CCRA Past President Lesia Mervin entitled “The Important Relationship Between the Essential Court Reporter and the Mercurial Judge.”


CCRA’s Official Reporter Resource Listing

Are you looking to get your name out there for lawyers and court reporting firms to report civil trials? As a firm owner, are you looking to hire a court reporter in your area to cover civil trials? CCRA has compiled the resource for you. This Official Reporter Resource Listing will be distributed to courts and bar associations. CCRA will actively promote this resource listing to bar associations and courts throughout the state.

It’s not too late to sign up and add your name to the Official Reporter Resource listing.

CCRA is an association that promotes the connectedness of reporters. We pride ourselves on having a vision that joins the interests of ALL court reporters.