CCRA 107th Annual Convention

The California Court Reporters Association invites you to join us in Newport Beach, Ca, and take part in CCRA’s 107th Annual Convention being held at the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel & Spa, Columbus Day weekend, October 6 - 9, 2017.  Click here for information.  Click here for sponsor and exhibitor information.

We need your help to raise money for the CCRA Special Fund! How can you help? Please purchase CCRA 50/50 opportunity drawing tickets. The stubs of each ticket sold will be placed into the CCRA 50/50 opportunity drawing that will be held at the CCRA Annual Convention in Newport Beach, CA on October 6-9, 2017.  50% of the total pot will be awarded to a single winner.  Click here to purchase tickets!

CCRA e-Compendium

CCRA is proud to break new ground by becoming the first court reporters association in the nation to launch an e-Compendium, offering exactly the same high level content as our yearly paperback publication now in digital form. You will no longer have to buy multiple versions as we are consolidating the freelance/CART and official compendiums into one easy-to-use app. Click here for additional information.

President's Message

This time of year is invigorating. We wrapped up our convention, and we are setting out the agenda for the new board. We are educating ourselves and then strategizing, formulating and then achieving!

First, let me say what a wonderful convention we had. There were so many dedicated and excited court reporters not just from all facets of our profession, but from everywhere in the state – and Alabama, too! My absolute favorite class was the talk-it-out hikes. It was fun to get outside and see the beautiful mountainside and breathe the fresh air. It really was magical. 

CCRA Student Scholarship

Breaking News -- CCRA has received a donation from the San Diego Superior Court Reporters Association to add to CCRA's scholarship fund.   The California Court Reporters Association will award a $1,000 scholarship to a student in the 160-qualifiers speed level.  The recipient will be selected by the Support Our Students (SOS) Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.  The CCRA Student Scholarship is made possible thanks to generous donations from reporters and local court reporting associations interested in preserving the profession of court reporting. 

Scholarship application and essay must be postmarked by Friday, September 22, 2017, at Midnight.  Click here for additional information.

CCRA's Support Our Students Committee has taken charge acting to Save Our Schools once again!

Our task force is fresh off of a conference call with our lobbyists regarding saving our private schools, ready for a multi-prong approach to this layered problem.  We will seek a solution to provide immediate relief for Sage students, and students from all of California's private schools.  We are also looking at solutions to address the post secondary issue for all court reporting schools.  We are working on legislation to get these extremely important issues worked out.  Our profession and its future depends on our students.

We, CCRA, are PROUD to have the student members and faculty members that we do.  We are PROUD to fight on behalf of our schools and ALL of our members at the Capitol.  Buckle up for another big legislative year, because we are ready to FIGHT!   

Call for Mentors!

Our California court reporting schools do an excellent job of teaching students to write, but we believe that having a thriving mentorship community is crucial for early professional success.  Schools may prepare students to write quickly, but they simply cannot teach everything needed to thrive in this field.  That's where YOU come in.

For those interested but a little hesitant to take on a mentee or two, generally speaking, being a mentor can be as big or little a job as you want it to be.  You can choose how many mentees you'd like to take on, the experience level of your mentees, how often you'd like to touch base with your mentees, et cetera.  Some mentees may have multiple mentors.  

CCRA provides a "New Mentor" packet outlining places to start and things to keep in mind, but it's really up to you as to how you'd like to structure your mentor/mentee relationship.  Some of our mentors host monthly get-togethers with their mentees, some exchange a couple emails every month or two, some may only field a call every year.  There are all kinds of styles of mentoring, and CCRA encourages you to make it your own, have fun with it, and help an aspiring reporter or two feel welcome and supported in our professional community in whatever way you can!  

Interested in giving back to your profession?  E-mail

Get Your Membership Dues Paid for by Participating in the Membership Drive!

Don't forget that our membership drive has commenced and will run until October 2017.

For EVERY new member you get to join CCRA, we will give you $25 in membership dollars!  This also extends to any unrenewed member that you get to rejoin.  Membership dollars can only be used to reduce the price of your own CCRA membership renewal dues and there is NO limit to the amount you can earn!  

Be sure that each person you get to join or rejoin lists your name in the "Referred By" section when they sign up online so that you get your membership dollars added to your account.

You can also download a list of past and/or unrenewed members that may list friends or colleagues you know or recognize and can encourage or remind to rejoin. 

Membership dues received by CCRA support all of our legislative efforts to protect our profession.  CCRA offers freelance and official reporters, CART providers, and captioners an awesome network of professionals that understand the challenges we all face in this profession.  CCRA will continue to support you, and we are excited to launch this membership drive to grow our network of talented and dedicated professionals.  Click here for additional membership information.