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For the past 108 years, CCRA has been the leading association who continues to sponsor legislation to provide protection for our profession, to support our profession, and to enhance our profession.

As background, the CCRA sponsored bill was introduced on February 19th.  The bill was read and referred to the Assembly Judiciary Committee (AJC) where it was postponed, then amended.  On April 19th, our bill passed through the AJC with bipartisan support, much to our delight, and was referred to the Assembly Appropriations Committee (AAC) where it was amended again.  On May 11th, it was placed on the suspense file because it has a budgetary impact.  The Los Angeles Times calls the suspense file "where bills go to die."  

AB 2629 did not die.  On May 27th, with 15 aye votes, it moved forward.  On June 2nd, 52 aye votes in the Assembly showed support for the much-awaited increase.  The Senate Judiciary Committee, on June 29th, passed the bill with 5 aye votes and then moved AB 2629 into the Senate Appropriations Committee (SAC).  On August 11th, SAC agreed with CCRA and passed the bill through with 5 aye votes.  The Senate gave its approval and moved the bill forward.  The Assembly gave its approval.  And on September 2nd, the bill was enrolled and presented to the Governor. 

After almost 26 long years and opposition by the Judicial Council, AB 2629, which amended Government Code sections 69950 and 69951, has been vetoed.  BUT we do not lose hope! 

We agree with the Governor's words (click here to read).  This would be appropriate for the budget.  Our advocacy starts now.  We have already started the conversation!  That's what we do best; we stand up and continue to fight for all court reporters in California.


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CCRA Legislative Proposal 2017