The California Court Reporters Association (CCRA) serves equally our members, our profession and the public by defending the delivery of justice as the statewide representative of the entire court reporting profession.  CCRA promotes and defends the stenographic profession which is unmatched in its ability to produce a realtime transcript.  We educate the legal and political community on behalf of all court reporters.   Our membership protects, promotes and advocates for firm owners, freelancer and official court reporters as well as hearing reporters.  Membership in CCRA costs just 41 cents a day - very inexpensive insurance to keep YOUR profession alive!

CCRA offers multi-year discounts and auto-renewal options to make membership in CCRA easier than ever!  

Payment Options

  • Regular Member 

    1 Year $150 

    2 Years $280 ($20 savings)
3 Years $415 ($35 savings)
  • LACCRA Member

    1 Year $100 

    2 Years $180 ($20 savings)

    3 Years $365 ($35 savings)
  • Participating Member 

    1 Year  $150 

    2 Years $280 ($20 savings)
3 Years $415 ($35 savings)
  • Associate Member 

    1 Year  $150 

    2 Years $280 ($20 savings)

    3 Years $415 ($35 savings)
  • Retired Member – $58
  • Instructor Member – $75
  • Student Member – $30

AUTO RENEW (Monthly payments of $13.75) - CLICK HERE TO RENEW!
•    Regular Member – $165
•    LACCRA Member* - $8.33
•    Participating Member – $165
•    Associate Member – $165

*LACCRA Members receive $50 off annual dues fee.

Automatic Monthly Dues & Donations
If your dues are deducted monthly, your contribution to the CCRA Special Fund, PACCRA, or to both funds will reoccur monthly along with your dues amount.

Membership in CCRA does not represent an endorsement by CCRA of the member's company. Members of CCRA are individuals, not companies.

Tax Deductions
Contributions or gifts to California Court Reporters Association are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.  However, they may be tax deductible under other provision of the Internal Revenue Code except that portion of your dues which are allocated to association lobbying expenses. 

If you have questions about membership, please call the CCRA office at 949-715-4682 or email