CCRA is pleased to announce the newly redesigned CCRA 2015 Compendiums.  These publications (Depos, CART and Captioning or Courts) are invaluable to court reporters throughout California and are a great tool for your students. 

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2015 Compendiums
Click here to place your order or you may also order by calling CCRA at 949-715-4682. The cost is $35.00 for CCRA members, $50.00 for non-members plus sales tax and shipping.  Please note that we are sold out of the 2015 Depos, CART and Captioning Compendium.

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2015 Courts Compendium

As the lines tend to blur these days from what used to be the designation of an Official or a Freelancer, it is more important than ever that all reporters in California be aware of the rules, regulations and laws when you step foot into a courtroom.  If you are working in court, or planning to, it is your responsibility to be aware of all of the rules governing court reporters. The 2015 Courts Compendium contains all of the applicable codes that California CSRs need to conduct yourself in court and gives you all of the information you will need if the case that you are reporting appeals.   As more and more Officials are taken out of the civil arena and lawyers must bring in their own reporters who normally don’t work in the courtroom, you will find this compendium exceptionally helpful and a must have publication.

2015 Depos, CART and Captioning Compendium  -- SOLD OUT.

CCRA is very excited to offer you the newly updated 2015 Depos, CART and Captioning Compendium.  This compendium, which has always been an invaluable tool for anyone who works in the freelance arena, has now gotten better. 

In addition to its compilation of all of the Rules and Codes that relate to deposition reporters, we have now added the CRB’s Scope of Practice to the front of the compendium to easily locate and refer to when needed. 

As the change from Freelance to Depos, CART and Captioning will suggest, we are also excited to announce the addition of the CART/Captioning procedures to this year’s compendium along with a CART test in the back of the book. 

We trust that you will find this new Compendium to be even more valuable than those of the past.