President’s Message

As the year 2017 comes to an end, we look back on the past year.  On behalf of the membership of CCRA, we would like to profusely thank Immediate Past President Brooke Ryan for her leadership and insight she has given as our CCRA President.  Brooke participated in countless legislative visits, committee hearings, MOCK CSRs, and CSR exams.  She also travelled around the state teaching reporters about E-filing.  The work Brooke has done for our student community is unparalleled and she has supported students like no other reporter has.  Thank you, Brooke, for all you do and have done for the court reporting profession.

I’d like to thank each of our members for their confidence and support.  CCRA truly exists to serve you and to protect and promote court reporting in our great state.

We must work together to protect our CA freelance CSRs.  We must work together to make legislative changes for an increased page rate.  And we must help our Hard of Hearing community by growing our CART/Broadcast Captioning outreach.  Together, we will be successful in our endeavors.

Happy 2017 and cheers to a very bright and successful 2018.

Carolyn J. Dasher, President