President's Message

By Brooke Ryan, CSR
President, CCRA

This time of year is invigorating. We wrapped up our convention, and we are setting out the agenda for the new board. We are educating ourselves and then strategizing, formulating and then achieving!

First, let me say what a wonderful convention we had. There were so many dedicated and excited court reporters not just from all facets of our profession, but from everywhere in the state – and Alabama, too! My absolute favorite class was the talk-it-out hikes. It was fun to get outside and see the beautiful mountainside and breathe the fresh air. It really was magical.

My favorite part about the conventions, though, is always the people, our members. There was a sense of calm this year which helped setting aside time to talk with members one-on-one. We all want to be heard and when we can carve out time for people, it’s time well spent. Please always know you can contact me to share news, etc. Thank you all to everyone who came. It was a beautiful space filled with camaraderie and friendship. Thank you for sharing how much you appreciate our efforts. We are all going to get there together.

As we strategize for another robust year, I can’t help but remark on where our profession is currently. Not only do freelance reporters have more and more opportunities and job offers, it is expanding! With the passing of SB 1007, we are hoping more arbitrations are in your future. We have seen more and more of you commenting not only about Saturday and Sunday depositions, but also evening depositions. The work is out there!

At least once a week I see ads for either a pro tem or official reporter in various counties. That is also very exciting for those wanting to work within the court system. At every seminar, speech and convention we let you know the retirement stats for the 12 biggest counties. There is definitely work in that arena as well.

CART and Captioning is growing by leaps and bounds. It seems as if there are new venues/job opportunities popping up every day. I have friends who are not only growing their companies but are incredibly optimistic for their future. I say it every chance I get: If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, this is your path.

It is incredibly important, now more than ever, that we work together. When you only advocate for one facet of our profession, you risk the harm of harming the others. We cannot stand for that. We must protect each other. We must protect the profession in its entirety. CCRA proudly protects and advocates for ALL!