CCRA is proud to break new ground by becoming the first court reporters association in the nation to launch an e-Compendium, offering exactly the same high level content as our yearly paperback publication now in digital form.  You will no longer have to buy multiple versions as we are consolidating the freelance/CART and official compendiums into one easy-to-use app. 

Gone are the days of having to purchase a new set of compendiums every year to be kept aware of changes in the codes and having books to carry around on your job.  Our e-Compendium will automatically update every time you open the app, so you will have the latest rules and codes right at your fingertips exactly when you need it.  Best of all, our new e-Compendium is searchable!  It will be like searching on Google, just exclusively for our job.  Tap in a keyword or phrase in quotes--voila!  You will find it's ridiculously easy and efficient.

Taking your first deposition or drawing a blank?  Search for "Deposition Crucial Information" and have the oaths right there ready to go plus a checklist for the critical information needed to get you through your job.  Plus, search for "best practices" and get all the Court Reporter Board's advice on exhibits handling, backup audio, interpreted depositions, and much more.

The CCRA e-Compendium is available for iOS and Android platforms and can be downloaded on all mobile devices.  Search for "CCRA" in your app store to download the app and begin your subscription.  

You can also subscribe on your desktop at, and then download the app onto all of your handheld devices, whichever is easiest for you.  Best of all, updates are free and immediate with your subscription.  Help to reduce our carbon footprint, enjoy the benefits of having your trusted reference in a user-friendly app, and support your association all in one easy purchase.

Subscriptions for non-members are $99 annually.  Members save 40% and pay only $59 annually -- one more perk of being a CCRA member!