Career Day Kit

You can have an impact on the court reporter shortage in California. Just a few hours of your time can make a difference in your community and throughout the State.

The most effective recruiting effort is personal contact. By speaking to classes at your local high schools, colleges and career day events, you can introduce court reporting as a viable and lucrative career and excite young students to follow the path of court reporting, captioning and CART.

The CCRA Career Day Kit will show you how to get started and it is FREE!

The kit includes:

    • Directions on how to get started
    • Sample handout brochures on freelance and official reporting with a master for future copies
    • Sample letter to send to schools seeking an opportunity to give a presentation and list of all school districts
    • List of court reporting schools in California
    • Mini CD about realtime reporting that displays six different videos of the different facets of realtime reporting
    • Brochures from NCRA on careers in court reporting and broadcast captioning

CCRA will support you in your efforts. Karly Powers, Chair of the Support Our Students Committee is available to answer your questions. Contact Karly at [email protected].

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