Sponsorship Funds:
For our annual convention, CCRA asks our members and nonmembers to help underwrite the cost for students to attend the convention.
Donate to sponsor a specific student by name or to the general convention scholarship fund for all the students attending the convention. You can sponsor the registration or donate a higher amount to help pay for accommodations, travel, etc.

You may donate to sponsor a student at the same time you register (registration opening soon) to attend the 2019 Annual Convention or you may donate separately by clicking here

Eligibility for Students:

To be eligible for sponsorship, the student must be a CCRA member or be specifically sponsored. Click here to apply for the student sponsorship reimbursement.

Disbursement of Sponsorship Funds:
Students will register and pay the special student rate (significantly subsidized by CCRA) and pay for lodging as needed.
If a student has been specifically identified to receive support from a member, the dollar amount of the contribution will be applied to the student’s registration fee.   The student will not be eligible for any further disbursement from the general sponsorship fund.
Following the convention, the general sponsorship funds raised by CCRA will be divided by the number of students attending (who are not specifically sponsored) with each student receiving a check for an equal portion of the funds. Those checks will be mailed by November 29, 2019.

Click here to Sponsor-A-Student!

Click here for the Student Sponsorship Reimbursement Application

Click here for information about the CCRA $1000 Scholarship.