You’ve made it through basic training, now it’s time to put your skills to the test!  While our new recruits are learning the ropes at CCRA’s 5th annual BOOT CAMP, you can be showing off your skills and earning some new letters after your name.  We will be holding our Certified Realtime Generalist exam and our Certified CART Generalist Workshop and Exam on March 3rd at the SEIU building in Los Angeles.  What a great day to be a member of CCRA!

The Certified Realtime Generalist (CRG) exam is a five-minute professionally recorded dictation test given at 200 Q&A with a maximum of 40 errors, 96% accuracy, with a two-minute lead-in.  There are no CEUs to maintain.

The Certified CART Generalist (CCG) exam is a 15-minute professionally recorded dictation test.  The first 5 minutes will be lead-in, with the last 10 minutes graded.  The examination will be given at 180 words per minute.  96% accuracy is required to pass the test (76 errors total allowed).

Here’s how it works:

There is a fee to take each skills exam.   If you choose, after sitting for the exam(s), to have one or both graded, there is an additional fee.  Grading is optional and you can pay for it on site on the day of the exam.

The 3-hour CCG Workshop includes the Written Knowledge Exam.  This workshop & grading are both included in the fee.  Both the Written Knowledge and Skills portions of the CCG are required to receive the certification. **CCG Workshop approved for .30 NCRA CEUs**

Take one or all, it’s up to you!  Pass it once, remain a member in good standing of CCRA, and the CCG and CRG are certificates you can proudly claim forever.

Also, we’ll be having lunch in the auditorium with the BOOT CAMP attendees, and all are welcome to join!  It is just $10 to attend lunch.  Come after your CRG to unwind, come before your CCG to fuel up, or, for those who are ready for a marathon exam day, come between your tests for a much-needed break.  Mingle with the new recruits and visit our industry vendors!

10:00a – 10:30a Check in for CRG Exam (5th Floor)
10:30a – 11:45a CRG Practice & Exam
11:45a – 12:15p Check in for Lunch (CCG Candidates) @ CCRA Table (Auditorium)
1:00p – 1:15p Check in for CCG Workshop (5th Floor)
1:15p – 4:15p CCG Workshop & Written Exam
4:00p – 4:15p Check in for CCG Skills Exam Only (5th Floor)
4:15p – 5:30p CCG Practice & Skills Exam

CRG Exam - $50.00
CRG Exam Grading - $50.00
CCG Workshop & Written Exam (Grading included) - $50.00
CCG Skills Exam - $50.00
CCG Skills Exam Grading - $50.00
Join us for Lunch - $10.00

CRG Exam - $75.00
CRG Exam Grading - $75.00
CCG Workshop & Written Exam (Grading included) - $75.00
CCG Skills Exam - $75.00
CCG Skills Exam Grading - $75.00
Join us for Lunch - $10.00

5th Floor Conference Room
1545 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90017